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The Perfect Partner For Your Child
Designed to embrace life's adventures
With all the benefits of a pediatric mobility stroller, Tyke quickly and easily tilts for perfect positioning, folds compact and offers features that give them the freedom to be easily mobile. Get ready, get set, let's go!
Feature Tour
Easy To Tilt
Ensure your little one is in the proper position throughout the day using the easy-to-tilt functionality and 35-degree range of adjustment. Reaching the best position for rest, interaction, activities, and positioning is at your fingertips.
Tyke is designed to go with you whether you are heading to the store, enjoying a family day out, or visiting friends. The flat folding design is compact and lightweight, ensuring you can fold and stow easily. Unfolding is even easier and can be done single-handed. Ready to go? Quickly and easily position the angle adjustable handle to the perfect height for your comfort.
When their whole world is you, help them relax with reassuring eye contact and engagement that can also benefit their development. Tyke has the option for reverse configuration, which puts the child facing the parent. Available with the combination of Tyke Size 1 and x:panda shape Infant Seating.
Important design features and options for safety and security include: Front locking casters, WC-20 transit approved, attendant wheel lock, and an integrated tilt lock-out option.
Ride Quality
The adjustable rear suspension provides a smoother ride experience during terrain and surface changes, minimizing abrupt changes.
The Perfect Partner for Early Intervention
The R82 x:panda shape pediatric seating system is designed to change shape as your child develops. Paired with the Tyke base, the combination promotes engagement and active participation with the world around them. The tilt-in-space mobility base easily adjust to meet a family's daily activity needs. The Tyke adaptor plate makes it simple to add and remove the x:panda shape seating. To learn more about the x:panda shape visit etac.com.
Tyke Size 1 Tyke Size 2
Tilt Range
Tilt Range 35° 35°
Frame Width
Frame Width 17.5"
(44.5 cm)
(51 cm)
Seat Width
Seat Width 15.5"
(39.5 cm)
(45.5 cm)
Seat Depth
Seat Depth 4.25" - 10.25"
(11 - 26 cm)
6.25" - 14.25"
(16 - 36 cm)
Seat Frame Height *
Seat Frame Height * 17"
(43 cm)
(43 cm)
Transport Weight **
Transport Weight ** 27 lbs
(12.25 kg)
31 lbs
(14 kg)
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity 74 lbs
(33.5 kg)
74 lbs
(33.5 kg)
WC-19 Approved
WC-19 Approved Yes Yes
* x:panda seating will result in Seat Height 4" greater than Frame Height
** Seating System Removed
Matte Finish