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Inspired by Kids
Childrens developing bodies have different positioning needs and come in different shapes and sizes then adults. The Axiom for Kids wheelchair cushions are designed for the smallest growing clients. Offering science-based seating products that promote better clinical outcomes and meet the demands of your childs day.
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Kids come in all shapes and sizes
Axiom for Kids provides a pediatric cushion line designed to improve clinical outcomes for the smallest rider(s) through the use of varying foam softness and cushion shape by cushion size. These specifications and design characteristics are necessary to best support a childs body. The result is a seating surface that multi-tasks, promoting better immersion for stability, skin integrity, and improved comfort. All of the things your kid needs to navigate their day with confidence. Available in two models: Positioning (PXP) and Skin Protection & Positioning (PXSP).
Accidents happen.
We have you covered.
Durable and breathable cushion covers easily wipe clean! The cover and material design, exclusive to Axiom for Kids, will withstand spills and accidents while simultaneously allowing optimal immersion into the foam base. Immersion is important and some cushion covers on the market sacrifice this in order to market a wipeable cover. With Axiom you dont have to compromise. Our covers do both. An extra cover is included with each cushion order for your convenience.
A pop of personality!
Choose from 3 different cushion colors to complement your childs personality and their mobility base. Available in Blue, Black, and Purple.
Positioning Cushion (PXP)
Created to give kids the stable base they need to enjoy lifes adventures. Medial and lateral stability, combined with taller positioning features ensure optimal postural support and stability. Also featuring Axiom’s surface tension-reducing hexagonal shapes, softer foam, and science-based contoured shape design that changes with cushion size (width).
Skin Protection & Positioning Cushion (PXSP)
Incorporating all the hallmark positioning elements from the Axiom for Kids P cushion, Axiom for Kids SP adds a dual density foam base for added skin protection and positioning. The soft and supple top foam layer increases immersion and provides a wider base of support for the Trochanters. The second layer of foam provides optimal structural support. SP also incorporates Axiom seating’s science-based contoured shape design that changes with cushion width, as well as the surface tension-reducing hexagonal features exclusive to the Axiom cushion family.
Width 8" - 16" (20 - 40.5 cm)
Depth 8" - 18" (20 - 45.5 cm)
  Height (Leg Troughs)
Height (Leg Troughs) 2.25" (5.7 cm)
  Height (Overall)
Height (Overall) 3.5" (8.9 cm)
  Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity 165 lbs (75 kg)
Positioning Positioning, Skin Protection
HCPCS E2605 E2607