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The Vertical Air Cell Cushion that Locks in Place
StarLock is the complete vertical air cell cushion. Combining pressure redistribution, stability and postural support - StarLock Technology locks air into each vertical air cell making it possible to offload localized pressure while increasing stability and postural support.
Feature Tour
Pressure Redistribution
The only air cell cushion with a 5" cell height. Redistributes pressure over a large surface, providing greater immersion while continually adjusting to the users shape as they move in their seat.
Individual cell locking increases stability and provides individualized postural support.
Adjust and reset again and again, giving you the ability to adapt the cushion to the users changing needs. The user can remain seated while the cushion is adjusted.
Shape for the Individual
Conforms to the users body shape and desired position by locking air into each cell. Meets the individuals changing needs for support and shape over the life of the cushion.
Locking down cells in a selected area of the cushion can relieve pressure on particularly vulnerable areas.
Recondition and Reuse
Wash, repair, adjust and disinfect as often as you want. StarLock can also be used as a classic single-chamber cushion.
Maximum User Weight is Unlimited for All Star StarLock Cushions
Cell Height 3" (8 cm)+
Cell Height 4" (10 cm)+
Cell Height 5" (13 cm)+
Washing Instructions+